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A love letter to Glasgow’s gig scene

Twice I’ve seen Beach Boys' legend Brian Wilson perform and twice I’ve had some kind of out of body experience. The first was at T in the Park when my pal and I became great friends with a hippy couple for the whole of his set. We swayed around the dark tent holding on to each other,… Continue reading A love letter to Glasgow’s gig scene

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The politics of language

There’s a chapter in an English as a foreign language text book called: ‘How to avoid saying no directly’. I burst out laughing when I saw it. Is there anything more stereotypically British? I came across it at the language school I work at, where we regularly teach the art of small talk to students.… Continue reading The politics of language

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German Election special: The main players

One of the many things I’ve learned since moving to Germany is that politics doesn’t start and end with the UK. Obviously world politics has always been interesting - and is a hyped-up crazy spectacle right now - but I feel the UK is fairly inward looking. It always frustrated me that the newspaper industry in Scotland,… Continue reading German Election special: The main players

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When Nigel Farage visited Berlin

Here’s a short tale about the time a man, nicknamed “Mr Brexit”, was invited by a far-right political party to speak at a rally of their supporters in Berlin. It was a slightly bizarre setting. A renaissance fortress, in Spandau, west Berlin, was taken over last Friday by members of the Alternative for Deutschland (AfD)… Continue reading When Nigel Farage visited Berlin

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I finally stopped being afraid of my body

Grazia, May 29 2017 Let’s just get this out there – I love bodies. I smile when I spot freckled skin, fleshy arms and hairy chests. I love curves on a long torso and wonky toes. I admire big noses and bottoms with a bit of life about them. The human body has always fascinated… Continue reading I finally stopped being afraid of my body

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What it’s like to live with your parents at thirty

Refinery 29, April 12, 2017 It’s Friday night and I’m enjoying a well-earned wine and some trashy TV with one of my favourite people in the world. But it's not my boyfriend on the sofa passing me crisps. It's not even a reliable girlfriend or flatmate. It’s actually my mum, who I live with along… Continue reading What it’s like to live with your parents at thirty