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Mogwai’s Barry Burns on beers, babies and Berlin

The Herald Arts Magazine, December 9 2017. HOME. Mogwai's Barry Burns is unsure where it is. He enjoys the easygoing way of life in Berlin where people still smoke in bars and swig beer on trains or while walking down the street. But Burns, who is a multi-instrumentalist for the postrockers, also loves the Glasgow… Continue reading Mogwai’s Barry Burns on beers, babies and Berlin

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Shifting political contours in Germany

Cable Magazine Scotland, November 1 2017 The German elections in September saw Angela Merkel win a fourth term as German Chancellor. However, her victory was somewhat overshadowed by the shifting political terrain in Germany. Writing from Berlin, Rachel Loxton reflects upon the mood of the election and casts an eye across the issues facing German politics. As… Continue reading Shifting political contours in Germany

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Magical things I’ve seen in Berlin

I was inspired to write this after spotting a gorgeous piece of artwork by Mari Andrew. Mari captures everyday life and emotions in her drawings, from being homesick to feeling broken hearted, alienated or alone to joyful moments; like buying a new scarf and how seeing a flock of birds in the sky can make you feel hopeful.… Continue reading Magical things I’ve seen in Berlin

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A new bike in a new town

The first time I saw my bike I fell in love. A German man in his 50s, wearing a navy boiler suit, was riding it out of a garage near Prinzenstraße U Bahn station. I saw it’s purple fade design rolling towards me and I knew I would take it home with me that day. You probably… Continue reading A new bike in a new town

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The politics of language

There’s a chapter in an English as a foreign language text book called: ‘How to avoid saying no directly’. I burst out laughing when I saw it. Is there anything more stereotypically British? I came across it at the language school I work at, where we regularly teach the art of small talk to students.… Continue reading The politics of language